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Butter Meat Co. is a steak delivery company in Western New York.

The future is dairy beef.

Eat local, Butter Meat Co. only sources from Western New York farmers.

Long lives, full flavor

Taste the unique flavor of butter meat, from Butter Meat Co. delivery box.

The future is dairy beef.

Meet Butter Meat Co.

Welcome to Butter Meat Co., a company started by dairy farmers who realize the importance of delicious beef that happens to be environmentally friendly.

We produce local, organic beef from cows who have lived their lives to the absolute fullest.

Through our thoughtful and unique supply chain, we provide you with an elevated culinary experience like you’ve never tasted before.

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Flavorful, meat box delivery company in Rochester, NY.
More sustainable meat alternatives in Rochester, NY.

Eat With Purpose


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1 North Main Street
Perry NY, 14530

(585) 204-2788 

Thursday 10am - 6pm

Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday 10am - 6pm

Sunday 10am - 1pm

Monday 10am - 6pm

Tuesday & Wednesday closed

2021 Holiday Hours

Open normal hours, except

Nov. 24: 10am - 6pm

Nov. 2: closed

Dec. 24, 25, 26: closed

Jan. 1 and 2: closed

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We’re dedicated to challenging the current beef perceptions with our dual-purpose mission. That means our dairy cows produce fresh milk, tasty ice cream, and savory butter meat all in the heart of Western New York.

Meet Jill

Hi there, my name is Jill. I started Butter Meat Co. because I believe in the hard work of our agricultural community in Western New York and the pleasure of experiencing delicious food. My mission is to bring both of these directly to you.

The name Butter Meat Co. is a direct reference to the positively scrumptious dairy products and flavorful beef we produce. Why start Butter Meat Co.? Well, I had a few different food supply chain jobs. I worked at my family’s farm, sourced produce for Walmart, and was on the supply chain team at Blue Apron. I followed my passion for agriculture to create something truly special with Butter Meat Co.

I hope that Butter Meat Co. makes you excited about incorporating a different style of organic, matured beef into your diet and lifestyle. If you have any questions, I’m here.


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